Monday, 5 May 2014

BBC script writing open for submissions

Send your script to the BBC - Script Room is now open for Comedy scripts (Radio, TV & Film) until midnight on 12th May 2014.

BBC writersroom provides a unique open-door at the BBC for writers - we call it the Script Room. 
The Script Room window for submitting Comedy scripts is open from 10am on 28th April 2014 until midnight on 12th May 2014.
The Script Room is a place where you can send your script to be assessed by our team of experienced readers.  We read all scripts as a calling card of a writer's talent. This is not a free script-reading service, but a means by which the BBC seeks out the best new writing talent, offering writers without a track record, representation, or contacts the opportunity to have their work considered by the BBC.  Shortlisted writers will go forward to access a range of development opportunities with BBC writersroom.

What we accept

We have strict rules on what we do and don’t accept, so before sending in anything you should acquaint yourself fully with our Terms & Conditions before submitting.

How to submit

Submissions to the Script Room should now be made online via our brand new e-submissions system 
Please read the E-submissions FAQs for full guidelines on how the new system works.  All scripts must be formatted as PDFs.

If you are unable to submit online, please email us on to request a cover sheet no later than 3 weeks ahead of the Script Room deadline.
Deadline: midnight, May 12th 2014
Find more information about Script Room and about formatting your script, in the Send a Script section.

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