Thursday, 22 November 2012

Fiction Writing: The Passionate Journey Emily Hanlon

We all have our definitions of what it means to be successful with our creativity. All too often, those definitions are based upon the insatiable appetite of the ego for outer world recognition.

Not that there is anything wrong with outer world success. There isn't! Outer world success can be fun, remunerative and reduce, for a while, one's anxiety about "just how talented am I really?"

When we hand over validation of our creativity to others, we become victims of their judgments.

Creativity in its infinite expressions is our most vital experience of the life energy and the adventure of life itself. When we answer creativity's call, we give our self one of the greatest gifts that life can offer.

We give our self... there is tremendous power in those words. For what we give our self, no one can take away, unless we allow them to. The creative part of you will never give that gift away, but the ego will and does.

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