Friday, 9 November 2012

Mslexia blog extract by Kira Cochrane

An extract from Mslexia blog.
'I’ve always loved those moments of serendipity that arise in its pages. You open the magazine with a writing problem – a lack of inspiration, a concern over research, a stubborn, immovable block that makes you weep and eat towers of toast – and there you find an answer. Someone describes a personal experience that chimes exactly with yours, or writes a feature that picks apart your problem, and boom, the block is gone.'

About Mslexia Guest Editor:
The current Mslexia guest editor, working on the Dec/Jan/Feb issue 56, is Kira Cochrane. Kira is a Features Writer at the Guardian, where she was Women’s Editor from 2006 to 2010. She has written two novels, The Naked Season and Escape Routes for Beginners, both published by Simon and Schuster, and co-edited Cupcakes and Kalashnikovs (Constable), a collection of women’s journalism. An anthology of feminist writing from the Guardian which she edited, Women of the Revolution (Guardian Books), was published in paperback earlier this year. Previous guest editors who have blogged here include freelance writer, lecturer and publishing analyst, and books editor of Mslexia, Danuta Kean (issue 55); freelance writer and former Literary Editor at the Independent on Sunday Suzi Feay (issue 54); writer and editor, and former editor of SHE and Cosmopolitan, Linda Kelsey (issue 52); ex-newspaper editor and award-winning crime novelist Val McDermid (issue 51); and newbooks editor Elsbeth Lindner (issue 50).

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