Friday, 16 August 2013

Welcome to Erewash Writers' Group competition

Welcome to Erewash Writers' Group competition website.

Our competitions exist to encourage and reward writing. Whether you're an experienced
writer or writing is a completely new area of creativity for you, we hope you will join in. We're offering those of you who may have lost your motivation a reason to write. We're asking for those of you who've never written before to try it out, see if you like it. We're hopeful those of you who regularly bash
away at your keyboards will enter and WOW us with your words.

As well as providing cash prizes for winning stories, we donate cash to UK charitable
organisations and voluntary groups. In 2012 our competitions raised £100.  Please click on page 'Home' and then select ‘Donation’ for details of how a group of your choosing could benefit from our competitions.

Whatever your age, writing ability or experience, we wish to promote your best work.

Please read the Rules of Entry before posting your entry.

We have two competitions remaining for 2013.  If we receive a good response to our Open Competition, as well as providing a donation this year, we will endeavour to organise a free-entry competition with a cash prize for New Year 2014.

Find the two remaining competitions we have planned on page headed 'Competitions 2013':

Write a short story about anything you want in no more than 2,000 words, and choose a charity you want our cash to be donated to:

Enter our free-entry competition and win three books from the popular Teach Yourself series:

Enter our fab, free, fun December Draw.  No writing involved, no fee.  Win either one free entry to our Open Competition 2014 or select a paperback:

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