Thursday, 5 September 2013

Oxford University Press Story Competition

Oxford University Press Story Writing Competition

What is the competition?

The title of this year’s short story competition is Between Hello and Goodbye. This title was chosen by the author Geraldine McCaughrean when she visited the 2013 Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. The competition is held in Arabic and English. The closing date is 23 November 2013.
You can find some useful tips on writing a good story here.

What is the prize?

Winners will be honoured at the 2014 Festival, and all the winning entries will appear in a published book. As well as a trophy, each winner will receive five copies of the book and an opportunity to participate in a creative writing workshop.

Who can enter?

There are four age categories with different word limits which relate to your age on 23 November 2013.
Ages 11 and under
up to a maximum of 500 words
Ages 12 – 14
up to a maximum of 1000 words
Ages 15 – 18
up to a maximum of 1500 words
Age 18+ for undergraduates in full-time education
up to a maximum of 1500 words

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