Sunday, 23 March 2014

Anam Cara Writing Reteat

One of Ireland's finest young poets, Leanne O'Sullivan, will now be guiding a poetry workshop for beginning and working poets in July; see details below.
Also included here are the other incredible workshop retreats scheduled for 2014.  Places in these workshops are on a first-deposit-in basis.  For more information and to book a place in one of these or your own retreat to work on your own project, get in touch with Sue at


David Hazard
Writing with Fire:  Creating Works That Rivet Your Readers
Led by David Hazard
A Week-long Residential Workshop Retreat
Arrival:  Saturday, 10 May 2014
Departure:  Saturday, 17 May 2014

"The week will help you find or further explore your voice as a writer. Voice is the edge every acquisition editor and contest judge looks for, beneath the writer's technical skill.  Your voice - your fire, if you will -- is what gives your writing, from first to last, its true and lasting brilliance."

         There are only two places left in this workshop retreat.

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Evelyn Dunphy 2013
Painting the Wild Coast of Ireland Workshop Retreat

Led by:  Evelyn Dunply (

One-week residential workshop retreat
Arrival:  31 May 2014
Departure:  7 June 2014

This workshop retreat is fully booked.
  "Plein Air View of Beara" by Evelyn Dunphy  

Transforming Your Memories into Life Stories
 Led by Solveig Eggerz

A Week-long Residential Workshop Retreat
Arrival:  Saturday, 7 June 2014
Departure:  Saturday, 13 June 2014

"Your story is only as strong as your characters. Unleash your imagination in this class and generate credible characters who face internal and external conflict. Learn how conflict relates to plot and moves the story forward. Each day we'll build into your writing different aspects of story, including scene, point of view, dialogue, narrator, and time. This class will give you the tools for generating writing and, thus, overcoming writer's block. We will draw on other art forms, including the age-old, oral storytelling tradition."


Leanne O'Sullivan  
Lining Our Thoughts: A Poetry Writing Workshop 

Led by:  Leanne O'Sullivan

A Week-long Residential Workshop Retreat
Arrival:  Saturday, 19 July 2014
Departure:  Saturday, 26 July 2014

"This workshop is for those who would like to begin to write poetry or those who would like to develop poems they have already started.  The main aim of my workshops is to encourage writers through discussion, exercise based and free writing, while also allowing them to take risks in a supportive environment.  Each session will focus on a different topic, such as imagery, perspective, storytelling, rhythm and form.  Everything a writer needs is inside of themselves, and it's my goal to help them refine the effectiveness of how they communicate their subject matter." 

Kim Richardson   
Loosening the Bonds - A Silent, Guided, Elements Retreat

Retreat Leader:  Kim Richardson 

A Week-long Residential Retreat
Arrival:  Saturday, 16 August 2014
Departure:  Saturday, 23 August 2014

"This retreat is designed to help loosen the bonds of our attachment to the "false self," going beyond and inward to awaken to the freedom and beauty of our real Self, and the wellspring of our creativity. To help in this process of Self-awakening, we work with silence (we keep silence, as a group, during the five days and nights of the main retreat), with the ancient concept of the Elements, and with guided and silent meditations and practices (visualizations, mantra recitation, and walking practices)." 

This silent retreat is limited to 7 participants.


Traditional Irish Lace Making
Led by Fiona Harrington

A Week-long Residential Retreat
Arrival:  Saturday, 6 September 2014
Departure:  Saturday, 13 September 2014

"This workshop is designed for those who have an interest in learning about the Traditional Art of Lace Making in Ireland. No previous Lace Making knowledge is necessary but knowing how to thread a needle is definitely an advantage. The aim of this workshop is to provide each participant with the knowledge and direction needed to engage with Traditional Lace techniques and create a unique and personal piece of Lace.  Many Lace Makers believe that there is a meditative quality to Lace Making that allows the Maker to connect with each and every moment as you focus your concentration entirely on the tip of a needle."


Master Class in Poetry
Led by Bernard O'Donoghue

A Week-long Residential Retreat
Arrival:  Saturday, 11 October 2014
Departure: Saturday, 18 October 2014

"I grew up in rural North Cork, in a place famous for traditional music and for poetry in Irish from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. These things led to deep-rooted interests in linguistic things, and especially literature, both written and oral. I went to school in Manchester (my mother's place of origin) when I was 16, and my obsessions from then on were Latin, English literature and music (including classical music at the Halle). I have lived in Oxford since 1965, and my main inspirations have been medieval literature: Chaucer and Dante and above all, the shorter poems in Old and Middle English. The Anglo-Saxon elegies are my model for the perfectly formed lyric poem." 
       For many years, Bernard has spent time on and been inspired by the Beara Peninsula.  His Master Class will focus on using such places and time as subject matter and/or inspiration as he guides participating poets in enhancing their poetic gifts.                           

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