Sunday, 23 March 2014

Stinging Fly short story submissions closing date

Submissions — closing March 31st 
Our submission period for poetry and prose closes on Monday, March 31st. All work received or post-marked on this date will be considered for our issue in October 2014. Work submitted outside of this period will likely be lost or mislaid, so please do submit before March 31st!

* No more than one story and/or four poems should be submitted during any one submission period.
* Short stories and poems should always be just as long (or as short) as they need to be. (In our Winter 2012-13 issue the longest story is over 5,000 words; the shortest has less than 600.)

* The postal address for submissions is: The Stinging Fly, PO Box 6016, Dublin 1, Ireland. At present, we do not accept e-mail submissions.

Only 10 days until it closes, so do get polishing and submitting!

Bad Advice: 10 writers on the tips they chose to ignore

Over on our blog, we asked ten writers to talk about the worst advice they've ever received. And the outcome is a very frank and head nod-inducing account of the importance of going your own way...

Featuring: Colin Barrett, Niamh Boyce, Gavin Corbett, Rob Doyle, Sarah Maria Griffin, Eimear McBride, Nuala Ní Chonchúir, Billy Ramsell, Daniel Seery, Dimitra Xidous


Don’t Be Selfish!

‘Don't be selfish’—that's one you hear a lot, especially growing up from parents, guardians, teachers and so on. It's terrible advice for writers though. Writing practically demands that one exhibit a high degree of selfishness. Not I hasten to add with regard to money, prizes and acclaim but when it comes to time, that most definitively finite of commodities. Can you taste it in the back of your mouth? The almost tangibly metallic tang of wasted time as you sit there reading this blog? Writing, especially for those of us not in the position to go at it full-time, requires a maniacal degree of possessiveness about your every spare quarter hour. It means letting down and fobbing off lovers and dependents, cousins and confidants. You have to master the gentle art of inflicting disappointment.
—Billy Ramsell

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