Monday, 11 November 2013

The importance of the right title in a short story.Flash 500

No.1 – Titles
The importance of the title for any submitted work is often overlooked. It is the first sight the judge has of your entry and therefore merits careful consideration.
Titles must always be relevant to the theme of the work and should arouse the judge’s immediate interest without being too explicit and giving away the ending of a story or punch line of a poem.
A title that works on more than one level shows the author has given time and thought to the process and has not picked the first thing that came to mind.
Things to avoid:
  • Long-winded titles.
  • Sub-headings giving further information relevant to the theme. (Your entry should say it all – remember that judges also tend to keep up with current news and trends!)
  • Being too clever. (Whilst apt originality is a major plus, obscure connections to the theme will work against you.)
A really good title will still stay in the judge’s mind long after reading your entry.

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