Monday, 29 April 2013

Jennifer Johnston, Dermot Bolger , Mary Costello In Converstion.2013 Bealtaine Festival

Jennifer Johnston, Dermot Bolger & Mary Costello In Converstion
Gathering around the table these three writers will discuss their work and ponder what the concerns for different generations of writers are - do they differ over time?
This event is part of the 2013 Bealtaine Festival In keeping with theme of this year's festival; the Irish Writers' Centre will celebrate "growth, spring and positivity by focusing on the sharing of influences and experiences.
As well as at shared looking literary influences, the trio will explore how writers engage with contemporary issues from different perspectives. These are issues like the economy (the "Boom-Bust Cycle"), aging and health. Writing has proven itself to be a powerful tool with which to share experience and communicate accumulated wisdom across the generations - we hope to tap it into this rich vein. Any instance of sharing insight is all to the good, providing as it does the entire community with the perspective necessary to face up to the today's challenges.
Admission is €5. To book call the Centre on 01-8721302
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