Tuesday, 23 April 2013

poeticdiversity welcomes submissions

rules for submissions:
1) poeticdiversity welcomes all styles of poetry, from academic to spoken word. We also welcome prose (fiction and nonfiction up to 2,000 words), reviews on books, spoken word CDs, essays on literary-related topics, and author interviews.
2) poeticdiversity will only accept submissions via email or using our online form. Submissions sent by email must be in the body of the email, rich text format preferred, no attachments please.
3) For poetry submissions, please send three poems at a time, and a brief bio, in the text of an email. We require three poems a) for our selection process, and b) to keep on hand for possible publication in future issues. Poetry submissions that do not contain three poems and a brief bio will not be considered. For prose submissions, please send two pieces at a time, and a brief bio, in the text of an email. Prose submissions that do not contain two pieces and a brief bio will not be considered. Reviews and interviews must also be accompanied by a brief bio for consideration of publication. If you have photos to send, please email in JPEG format to the webmaster at webmaster@poeticdiversity.org, along with the tag-line "photo of ------," so we can keep track. If you have merchandise to sell, please send JPEG files to the webmaster, and the contact information on where to purchase the merchandise.
4) Deadline for all submissions is 30 calendar days prior to the next publication date. Example: the next issue is due August 1, 2010, the last date to submit is July 1, 2010. Any work submitted between periods will be held over in consideration for the next issue.
5) Please PROOF your work before sending it to poeticdiversity. This means punctuation, spelling, and our least favorite thing, run-on sentences. You're all writers, and we want to publish your work, but it must read and look its best. We appreciate it - really.
6) All copyrights revert back to the author upon publication.
7) Previously published work will be considered for publication, but with the following caveat; please cite where the work was published for the former, and contact us if your submission was accepted elsewhere for the latter. This will not bar submissions from getting published in poeticdiversity, it's just that every publication has its own rules and we don't want to step on anyone's toes. Simultaneous submissions will not be considered. And yes, we do check!
8) We cannot afford to pay anyone for their work, but sometime in the future, hope to do so. 9) Inquiries may be emailed to marie@poeticdiversity.org.
submit your work using our online form

please send your submissions to:

please send your mp3 files and bio jpegs to:

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