Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Moth, an international arts and literature magazine introduces its younger sibling-The Caterpillar

Welcome to The Caterpillar ‒ a brand new print magazine for children featuring poetry, short stories, art and some surprises. The first issue will be launched on 4 June 2013. You can order your copy for €5 or buy a year-long subscription for €20 (including postage to anywhere in the world) here.

The Caterpillar is the younger sibling of The Moth, an international arts and literature magazine for grown-ups. The Moth is, according to the famous Irish poet Paul Durcan, 'exquisitely designed and choc-a-bloc with exciting new artworks and wordworks.’ Wordworks? Yes, we know, he made that up. But he's allowed to; he's a poet. The brilliant novelist Dermot Healy called it a 'literary gem', while the Irish Times talked about 'Ireland's newest, and coolest, poetry magazine,' failing to notice that it publishes short stories too. But anyway ...

The Caterpillar is for kids between the ages of 7 and 11 (roughly). It will appear four times a year ‒ in March, June, September and December ‒ and, like The Moth ‒ will be jam-packed full of new artworks and 'wordworks'. We can't say too much yet, as we haven't even published the first issue, but we can tell you that it will include some GREAT writing by the likes of Matthew Sweeney, Julie O'Callaghan and Janet Wong. And it will be very funny. That's important to us.

The magazine is edited by Rebecca O'Connor in her small office above the Moth Studios in Cavan Town in Ireland. The magazine is printed in an unpronouncable place in Wales.

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