Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Difference Between Writers and Wanna-Bes

The Write Practice
Does any of this sound familiar?-Interesting extract from article on The Write Practice -read the rest.

Everyone has a book inside of them–you and me included.
However, the more I talk to wanna-be-authors the more I realize few of them are actually writing books.
They’ve got plenty of excuses to avoid writing the book they want to write someday:
  • lack of time
  • bad grammar and spelling
  • one-finger typing skills
  • awful handwriting
  • too many ideas
  • incomplete ideas
  • unsure how to find a publisher
  • no publishing contract
The problem goes deeper than these self-proclaimed inadequacies. The root of the problem is often fear.
There is always a possibility of failure. Rejection in a guarantee in the writing world. The “what if” realm of possibilities can be more stifling than liberating.
Instead of letting creative juices flow freely, we approach writing with excuses, alternatives for our limited time, and conversations about writing. We should be utilizing this time to actually write.

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