Monday, 29 July 2013

10 x 10 minute plays staged.

The Big Green Apple has been officially launched! At last night's Attic Studio, George Heslin of New York's 1st Irish Theatre Festival came in to the Attic to announce the event along with Camille Donegan. In September 2013 10 x 10 minute plays will be written, produced and staged over a 48hr period. The plays will be staged in Liberty Hall Theatre on Sunday 29th September where an industry panel of judges will select 5 winning pieces which will be staged in New York a year later as part of the 2014's 1st Irish Theatre Festival !!! Exciting or what?! More details to follow including how to apply to be a part of this new transatlantic collaboration. Note that you need to be an Attic Studio member to be a part of it, so if you're not already, then you can apply via the How To Apply page of our website:

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