Submission Details

If you are a writer, poet, playwright, novelist, or any other kind of wordsmith or simply a person with an interest in words, and would like to get involved, drop us an email or contact us directly through the website contact form.  (Both to be found under the contact heading).
Submission possibilities
  • You can submit a piece of writing by email and request that it is written on the street for you by one of our members.  Just make sure to include details of the specific place you want it written as well as whether or not you wish to be acknowledged or remain anonymous.
  • You can also go and write on the street yourself and send in your piece of writing as well as documentation photographs of it in situ and we will post it up on the website and place it in the website archive.
We are currently accepting one time contributions as well as longer term memberships.  There will be opportunities to work both individually and collectively.
All contributions will be posted on this website, as well as across our social media pages.
The hope is that in time we will be able to gather all contributed material into a publication highlighting a new perspective of the city.
Note:  All material contributed will be automatically posted on the website, unless requested otherwise.  Material will not be published in a printed publication without prior consent.  And all contributions, both writings and documentation photographs will be properly acknowledged unless there is a request for anonymity.